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Serving Our Superheroes

Providing items to where they are needed most

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Who We Are

Our Roots

Serving our Superheroes started out as a project to help prevent the cross-contamination of Covid-19, by providing laundry bags to the NHS and other front line care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project evolved as the needs of the community evolved. Providing washbags filled with toiletries to the NHS and staff treat packs. Now, as a registered charity, we have grown and brought the community together to support those in need. Serving Our Superheroes provides washbags (filled with toiletries) to the NHS, the homeless, refugees and to victims of domestic violence. We also provide dementia aids (fiddle/twiddle muffs) in conjunction with the Rotary Club, emotion dolls to schools, baby clothes, hats and blankets and toiletries for babies, children’s clothes and school uniforms and sanitary items. We also provide clothes, sleeping bags, shoes, and snacks to the homeless. We work with many other charities including the London Community Kitchen, Ealing Community Aid and Dress a girl to support those in need.

We help those in crisis, including supporting the Afghani Refugees.

To date 18.11.2021 we have donated over 127,965 items / supported over 127,965 people.  The estimated value of items donated to date is over £2,000,000.


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Home: Who We Are

Emotion Dolls

Supporting Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) in local schools with emotion dolls. 

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Providing items to those in need

Smiling medical personel
The Streets
Baby Toes
Girls in School Uniform

NHS treat packs

Homeless Services

Washbags, clothes and other items for the homeless

Baby items

Providing baby hats, clothes, blankets and toiletries to hospitals and baby banks.

Children's clothes

School uniforms and Dress A Girl Around The World.

Handing Pantyliner

Washbags filled with toiletries

Patient washbags, washbags for the homeless, refugees and victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence.

Sanitary Items

Helping to end period poverty

Children's Toys

Donating toys to baby banks and nursery's

Emotion Dolls

Supporting Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) in local schools with emotion dolls. 

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Dementia aids 

In partnership with Elthorne-Hillingdon Rotary Club we provide dementia aids to Hillingdon Dementia Action Alliance, Hillingdon Hospital and the Admiral nurse.  

Surgical Mask

Masks & Products to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We have been providing both surgical and fabric masks and face shields throughout the pandemic, we have also been providing hand soap and hand sanitizers.  


Laundry bags & Fabric tote bags 

At the start of the pandemic we provided laundry bags to front line staff, we then went onto provide food banks with bags for food parcels. 

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Serving Our Superheroes collaborates with Dress a Girl

Serving Our Superheroes and One Nation collaborates with Dress a Girl around the world to provide 400 dresses and 60 shoes to young girls in Syria.

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